Construction Process

Every home remodeling project is unique, however, Coomber Construction has perfected a process that each project goes through from beginning to end. The following diagram shows our general step by step guide to provide you with an idea on what to expect.

STEP 1: During our initial consultation we will walk through your home together talking over all of your ideas, wants and needs. We will take photos and measurements, can make design suggestions and answer any questions you might have about what can be done. If your project requires drawings for permitting we will then schedule a time for you to meet with our draftsman.

STEP 2: Once drawings are done or if no drawings are required, we will present a contract with your scope of work and estimate for you to review. Once the contract is signed we finalize the design for your approval and begin the process of securing permits.

STEP 3: We then submit all the necessary plans and paper work to the city and county building departments. If association approvals are required, we will work with you to obtain those as well. We will also then schedule a meeting with our cabinet designer to assist you with picking out finishes and materials.

STEP 4: The demolition phase begins. It is important that home owners remove, store, or cover any and all valuables and furniture or anything to be kept as this phase can get quite dusty. We also recommend no one be living in the home while under construction.

STEP 5: At this point we will complete any HVAC changes, run any in-wall plumbing and wire for new lighting and electrical. Once that is finished we can pass our inspection then begin installing walls, spraying drywall texture and laying the floor.

STEP 6: If your remodeling project includes kitchens or bathrooms this phase will allow your project to really take shape.We will make sure everything is laser-measured and leveled so installing cabinets is seamless. Once cabinets are in we will develop a countertop template. We will need to have your plumbing fixture specs finalized at this phase so all necessary cuts can be made for counters. Once countertops are in appliances and plumbing fixtures can be installed.

STEP 7: During this phase we install the finishing touches. Painting, tile and backsplashes, doors and trim, baseboards, light fixtures and electrical trim out.

STEP 8: We make a final punch list with the homeowner, touch ups finishes and broom clean the space.

STEP 9: To the homeowners satisfaction and final draws paid we reach substantial completion and your home is ready to be enjoyed!