Coomber Construction

Research Before Contracting

Before hiring a general contractor, research to define what needs to be done and the best way to do it. Ask local hardware stores, local business inspectors, lumber yards, real estate agents, and your friends.

Things to Look for in a General Contractor

Communication: Are they good at communicating with you? If not then they may not be good at giving you the service you deserve. They may not be able to communicate with sub-contractors well either, and that can lead to an inefficient, slow and over-budget project.

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Contracts – Project Dates, Details & Responsibilities:

Before signing a contract or letting construction begin make sure you know:

  • Who is responsible for getting the needed building permits
  • When they will start and end work the project budget
  • Payment dates and schedule
  • Cleanup details

Also get an exact description of the project scope, including,a list of materials being used and make sure any verbal promises are in the contract.

Itemized Bills:

A quality general contractor will know how much value they create. They should not be afraid to give you an itemized bill.


Obviously a recommendation from trusted friends goes a long way, but also be on the look out for things that might indicate questionable behavior, like:

  • Requiring over 30% payment up front
  • Refusal to give an exact quote before work begins if detailed specifications are provided
  • Lack of insurance or contractor registration number
  • High pressure sales tactics

After your research is complete we hope to have earned your business.